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Cobalt RaQ RaQ2 and Qube2 Restore CD Iso File.

This iso file will allow you to make a Restore CD for the Cobalt Networks, Cobalt, Sun Cobalt RaQ, RaQ2 and Qube2... This CD will install the RaQ2 Operating System Plus the original Cobalt Networks / Cobalt Updates, PLUS the Updates I have created for the RaQ2 Operating System.

The "RaQ" and Qube2 Operating Systems are just too old to build updates for and were outdated when the RaQ2 and Qube3 were introduced. The RaQ and Qube2 Operating Systems should no longer be used except for educational purposes. This CD will update the bios on a "RaQ" so it can run the RaQ2 Operating System. You will not be able to return to the original "RaQ" Operating System after this update...

Please read the Cobalt Restore Process How To

The cost is only $14.95 and You will receive a E-mail with download instructions after payment is complete.

FileSize: 283,914,240 Bytes
MD5SUM: aa5ab2671147205878ff7416e215af0f

This CD is tried and tested and include multiple updates by Cobalt Networks, Cobalt, Sun Cobalt, And Myself...

The Following is a list of the pkgs on this version of the cd.

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