Cobalt Restore CD Process by Zeffie!

You will need a...

  • Computer with a cdrom drive
  • Ethernet crossover cable or 2 patch cables and a hub/switch will work
  • Restore cd iso or My Restore CD!
  • a ethernet card that works*

Step one... Making the CD
If you have downloaded the iso file you will need to use the iso file to make a cd... This does not mean make a CD with the iso file on it.. There are several "How to make a CD from a iso" pages on the net and I suggest you google it... If you are runinng a nice Redhat Linux box you would simply type something like... "cdrecord -dev=0,0,0 RaQ-number.iso"

Step two... Building a Sun Cobalt Restore Server Computer
Almost any old computer will work as a Sun Cobalt restore server. The minimum I have used is a Pentium 166 with 64meg however I currently use a Sony Viao Pentium III 500 mhz with 128mb... The Sony Still has a hard disk in it but from time to time in working with people over the years I have found that sometimes having a drive installed can be a bad thing... So I do reccomend you don't have a hard disk installed in your Sun Cobalt restore server.

Step Three... Setting up a console terminal with the Sun Cobalt Serial Port Terminal (optional but reccomended)
To watch the Restore progress and other boot information you need to connect a "null modem cable" to the DB-9 connector on the back panel of the RaQ to the Serial connector on your Laptop/Computer... On your Laptop/Computer you will need to run something like HyperTerminal... I use an old 486/50 running Procomm Plus for ms-dos... No matter what you use, the terminal program settings are the same... 115200 Baud, 8 data bits, no parity, and one stop bit...

Testing your Sun Cobalt Serial Port Terminal
To test the Sun Cobalt Serial Port Terminal setup you just turn on the Sun Cobalt RaQ or Qube and watch the screen... You should see text flying by... If you don't you should first try the other serial port... If that dosen't work the next step is to confirm that the console is turned on...

Turning the Console on and off
First make sure you shutdown the Sun Cobalt RaQ or Qube... Then insert a PaperClip in the Password reset and turn the Sun Cobalt RaQ or Qube on... The Sun Cobalt RaQ or Qube will toggle the currnt mode of the console and display it's new setting... So if you see "Console OFF" you will need to repeat this and look to your cable and Laptop/Computer for a problem....

Step four... Setting up the Sun Cobalt Restore Server Network
There are 2 ways to do this...
method #1
You can use a "Ethernet Crossover Cable" and connect the Ethernet port on the Sun Cobalt Restore Server to the Ethernet connector on the Sun Cobalt RaQ or Qube... While I haven't tested all models, it seems that either Ethernet connection will work...
method #2
Using 2 patch cables connect the Ethernet port on the Sun Cobalt Restore Server to the hub or switch and another patch cable to the Ethernet connector on the Sun Cobalt RaQ or Qube... If you use a router you need to make sure the DHCP server is not running....

Step five... Start the Sun Cobalt Restore Server
Insert the Restore CD into the Sun Cobalt Restore Server and turn it on... The Sun Cobalt Restore Server must boot from the Restore CD. After a bunch of startup messages you will see the Licence page... Press the space bar to view the entire agreement and until you see the acceptence prompt... You must say "yes" and press enter. The Sun Cobalt Restore Server will then finish booting...

Step six... Sun Cobalt How to reset or "restore" the cmos (optional)

  • Shutdown the Sun Cobalt RaQ or Qube
  • Press and hold the "E" button
  • Wait for "CMOS restored" to be displayed.
  • Release the "E" button

Step seven... Starting the Sun Cobalt Restore process

For the RaQ3, RaQ3i, RaQ4, RaQ4i, RaQ4r

  • Press and hold the "S" button (upper right)
  • Turn on the power
  • Wait until the display shows "Select option:"
  • Release the "S" button
  • Using the "S" button select "boot from net"
  • Press the "E" button and the Restore process should start
For the RaQ, RaQ2, Qube, and Qube2, CacheQube, CacheRaQ, and CacheRaQ2
  • Press and hold both the "Right" and "Left" Arrow buttons
  • Turn on the power
  • Wait until the display shows "Net booting"
  • Release both the "Right" and "Left" Arrow buttons
  • The Restore process should start
Step eight... Finishing up!
Let the Restore Process run long enough that "PLEASE SWITCH POWER OFF NOW" is displayed and then shut off the Sun Cobalt RaQ or Qube... The Restore Process is now Complete and you can now "Do Your Updates!"

My Sun Cobalt OS Restore CD Duplication and Mailing service... $19.95
I have maintain restore CD's for the RaQ2, RaQ3, RaQ4, and XTR that include as many if not all of the updates from Sun Cobalt and the many of the updates I have made... The RaQ4 version also includes larger partitions and works best with my OS-UPDATE pkg...

With over 10 years experience in duplication services I am selling my time and ability to duplicate my current cd for the os of your choice on a rush order basis.
Please format your mailling address correctly!
Please note that I am not selling a iso download or CD!
This is for my CD duplication and mailing service only!

Sun Cobalt Restore CD Version

*Having about 50 various network cards in my lab I tried them all and none of them worked except a 3com 3c509b card that worked halfway... The 3c509b card would not work with the RJ45 but did work with the BNC.... So I run my coax to a hub that converts it.... results may vary

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